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Club Membership

For regular attendees, Club Membership is very important. Club membership will give you your own personal insurance. This will cover you if you want to go to HEMA events, go to tournaments or buy HEMA safe swords. You will also receive our club discount for The Knight Shop which will help you get yourself kitted out! In addition, for attending sparring days at other HEMA clubs, often personal insurance and Club Membership is necessary.


Saorsa is proud to be affiliated with the Academy of the Historical Arts, a community promoting, coordinating and researching many different components of Historical Arts such as HEMA, heritage crafting, musical tuition and personal development. And so with our club membership, you will also receive discounts on all items in the AHA shop!

Membership lasts for a whole year so you will be covered for all the events, sparring days and swords you could want in that time.

Want to become a member? Visit our Block Bookings page to book your membership!

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