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21/09/24 - 22/09/24

Welcome to Stramash!

Saorsa's own Tournament and Workshop Event!

This year, we are hosting The Wee Stramash and The Big Stramash! 

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With all the disruption that covid caused to people keeping fit and doing what they love, there are currently many people who have never had the chance to compete or attend a workshop and so we have decided to hold the first Workshop and Tournament designed for Beginners in Scotland - The Wee Stramash! The purpose of this day is to nurture those who have started practicing since the pandemic alongside promoting HEMA in Scotland. The Wee Stramash tournament is therefore reserved for those who started HEMA in 2020 or after.

For more advanced practitioners who have their own kit and steel swords, we will be running The Big Stramash!

The workshops will run concurrently and workshops for specific levels will be labelled beforehand.

Please note event attendees must be 18+ and have their own personal insurance.

Personal Insurance is usually provided through club membership so if you don't know if you have it, we recommend asking your club for more information.

Stramash will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September.


Workshops will be open to everyone, regardless of experience. Most of the workshops will start at a level appropriate for beginners and will offer progressions however there will be some intermediate/advanced level workshops aimed at the participants of The Big Stramash.

We have a fantastic line up of Instructors this year featuring those from the Glasgow HEMA scene and further afield. The topics will cover a range of single sword fighting techniques but there's an additional motive to these workshops.


Four of the Instructors are running workshops with subjects that will correspond to a tournament technical prize - that's two technical prizes for The Big Stramash and two for The Wee Stramash. 

Throughout the tournament, judges will be watching for these techniques in particular, alongside general good fighting, and at the end of the tournament, these fighters will be rewarded with a technical prize.

Our confirmed instructors are:

Ben Hamilton

Saorsa Swords

Chloe Headdon

Academy of Historical Fencing

Colin Fieldhouse

Schola Gladiatoria and Saltaire Academy of the Sword

Christopher Halpin

York School of Defence

Kerri McArthur

Black Boar: Cambridge Chapter and London Historical Fencing Club

Chris May

The Exiles York

Kat Ferguson

Dawn Duellists

Find out more about our classes on our Workshops page.


The Wee Stramash is reserved for those who have started their training in or since 2019 and who haven't won any medals in any tournaments yet! We want to make sure as many people as possible can compete so this tournament will be with our foam swords.

The Big Stramash is for those who have their own full kit and own steel sword.

Our Tournament rules will be very simple and easy to understand. To find out more, visit our Tournament page.

Prizes and Sponsors

To help you attend future tournaments, our winners will all receive prizes that will help kit them out in style! In addition to our podium winners, there will also be four technical prizes up for grabs. 

Our Tournament is sponsored with prizes by;

Armour Class

Premier sword makers based in Glasgow


Flett Forge

A small artisanal bladesmithing company


The Knight Shop

The Largest Historical & Medieval Shop in the UK

Shoukat MfgCo

A new manufacturer of HEMA gear and fencing equipment.

Black Fencer

 Black Fencer emerged to fill gaps in the specialized equipment necessary to practice this beautiful martial art in an optimal way.

Fallen Rook Publishing

Fallen Rook Publishing is a company based in Scotland that has a strong interest in helping the international HEMA community grow and develop, supporting practitioners, instructors and events with scholarly books, facsimiles and reproductions of both historical fencing treatises and contextual history books.

Raven Forge

Raven Forge is a family-run business that was founded in 2019 by brothers Sam and Tom Ive. Built from the ground up, Raven Forge started as two brothers with a love of history and fantasy, both excitedly selling axes and swords from their living room. It soon grew into something much bigger and they're currently in the process of opening a bricks and mortar shop!

Visit their website here

To find out more about our prizes and sponsors, visit our Sponsors page!

We also would like to thank;

Lyn Sneddon from Potion9Design

Graphic Design for print, advertising and signage. The creator of our logos!

For their sponsorship

We want to say a big thank you to our Instructors and our Sponsors for their time, effort and support! We would also like to thank our many volunteers for the day. Without all of these people, this event would not be possible!

The Ceilidh

After the workshops on the Saturday, we will be hosting the Stramash Ceilidh! Entry to the ceilidh is included in the price of your ticket!
Never been to one? No worries! We will have plenty of experienced ceilidh go-ers and a caller to help you out! And if you're not keen on the dancing, there will be plenty of time for chatting and getting to know each other. Want to bring someone who's not coming to Stramash? No problem, we have some +1 tickets on sale too! 

The Ceilidh will take place at The Titan Hotel: 1710 Great Western Road, Glasgow G81 2XT

21 Sept 2024, 09:00 – 22 Sept 2024, 17:00
Scotstoun Stadium,
Danes Dr, Glasgow G14 9HY, UK
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