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What's On?

At Saorsa, we run and take part in many events through the year. You can find any events that we're taking part in listed below.

Our events are not just HEMA events! They include performances, stage combat workshops, kilt talks, weapons talks and experience days!

Want to know what we've been up to in past events? Check out our Events page!

Want more information? Want us to teach at or list your upcoming event?

Contact us here!

Fight Camp 2024

FightCamp 2024 runs from 9-11 August, at the usual venue near Kenilworth/Coventry.

Camping space is free and there are local hotels. FightCamp is the largest current UK event, with around 250 attendees, and they generally have over 40 classes, as well as competitions, traders and more.

Both of our Instructors Victoria and Ben have been confirmed to teach this year!

Tickets will go on sale in May and are always snapped up quick so be ready to get yours!

Interested in attending? Check out the link below to learn more!


Fight Camp

The McBane Event


An event dedicated to the life and feats of Donald McBane. Running June 7th -9th this year, the McBane event covers all things McBane from pugilism to Broadsword and Targe to Staff.

Our Instructor Ben will be returning to teach this year!


Tickets can be purchased from the Cat's Glove website here:


McBane Event



Stramash is Saorsa's own event and will be held in Scotstoun in Glasgow on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of September.

There is a Beginners Tournament and Advanced Steel Tournament plus a full day of workshops and lessons!


Check out our page here for more info!

The Midlands Muster


Run by the Order of the Blade, the twenty first Muster will be held in Coventry on the 9th of November. 

It is a single day event with sparring and a lesson from a Guest Instructor who this year will be Ben Hamilton.


Check out the website for more information;


Midlands Muster


An event just for broadsword running in November!

Run by Chris Halpin of the York School of Defence and our Instructor Victoria Clow, the first Broadswordfest will take place in York with the aim for the second to be held in Glasgow.

It will be a fun and friendly event but a very cosy one as spaces are limited!


Broadsword Fest

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