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Welcome to Stramash!

Saorsa's own Tournament and Workshop Event!

Our Tournament is reserved for those who have started their training in or since 2019 and who haven't won any medals in any tournaments yet! We want to make sure as many people as possible can compete so this tournament will be with our foam swords.

Please note, to take part in the tournament, you must be 18+ and have your own personal insurance.

Kit Requirement


Minimum 350n fencing mask in good condition

Martial arts box for men and those with external genitalia

Light glove

Recommended equipment;

Chest protector
Throat protector

Mask overlay

Forearm protectors

Joint protection

Any other protective equipment can be worn at a fighter or judges discretion

Tournament Rules

Fights will be 3 Minute rounds

Whole body is a target, clean hits anywhere will be worth 1 point.

Doubles or afterblows mean fighters will both be awarded 0 points.

Bouts will end when one fighter scores 5 points or when the timer runs out.

Please note that the timing window for an acceptable afterblow will be quite small, roughly one beat of fencing time.

For an afterblow to count it must be made with one continuous motion of the arm without any preparatory motion or changes in direction.

If the afterblow is out of time it will not count and the first hit will be awarded the point.

Tournament Safety

Cuts to the back of the head are not allowed and will receive a warning.


Grapples will be allowed in the form of controlling a sword or sword arm however full body grapples are discouraged and takedowns will not be allowed. A deliberate takedown will receive a warning.

Grapples will be allowed however if they haven't resolved with a hit after 2-3 seconds halt will be called.

Fencers can be warned for excessive force.

If it looks like a fighter is consistently abandoning all attempts at defence to double out and keep the scores the same a warning can be issued.


Continued warnings and the fencer can be disqualified.

All warnings are delivered at judges discretion.

If the fencer injures anyone to the point they cannot continue, they will also be disqualified.

Tournament Prizes

To help you attend future tournaments, our winners will all receive medals and prizes that will help kit them out in style! In addition to our podium winners, there will also be three technical prizes up for grabs.

These Technical Prizes are named after the Instructor that will run the class.




Our Tournament is sponsored with prizes by;

Armour Class

Premier sword makers based in Glasgow


Flett Forge

A small artisanal bladesmithing company


The Knight Shop

The Largest Historical & Medieval Shop in the UK



A manufacturer of the highest quality HEMA gear and fencing equipment


Fallen Rook Publishing

An ethical publishing company for the HEMA community, with a simple goal: writing history in the 21st century!


Find out more about our sponsors and the prizes they've kindly donated on our Sponsors page! For more information on classes, visit our Workshop page. To see the outline of the day, you can see our Timetable here.

To buy your ticket head to the bottom of our main Stramash page!