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The Wee Stramash Logo - a small outline of a Celtic knot over the top of a larger green and orange coloured celtic knot. The words The Wee Stramash are in a pale green over the top.
The Big Stramash Logo - a small outline of a Celtic knot over the top of a larger green and orange coloured celtic knot. The words The Big Stramash are in a pale green over the top.

30th of September

Welcome to Stramash!

Saorsa's own Tournament and Workshop Event!


Please note, to attend the event participants must be 18+ and have their own personal insurance.

Workshops will be open to everyone, regardless of experience and are open to any style of single sword. Each of the workshops will start at a level appropriate for beginners and will offer progressions.


The Workshop day will be held on the 30th of September. 

The Wee Stramash Kit Requirements;

350N mask.
Box for those who need one

Kit recommendations;

Your own sword

Padded Glove
Chest protector

Arm protector


The Big Stramash Kit Requirements;

Minimum 350N mask

Minimum 350N Jacket
Overlay with back of head protection
Box for those who need one

Arm Protector
Appropriate Gloves
Own sword


Kit recommendations;

Chest protector


Please bear in mind that Instructors for each class may have specific kit requirements.

We have a fantastic line up of Instructors this year featuring those from the Glasgow HEMA scene and further afield. The classes will cover all sorts of exciting topics from axes to umbrellas to a range of single sword fighting techniques but there's an additional motive to these workshops.


Four of the Instructors are running workshops with subjects that will correspond to a technical prize in the tournament. Throughout the tournaments, judges will be watching for these techniques in particular, alongside general good fighting, and at the end of the tournament, these fighters will be rewarded with a technical prize.

Our confirmed Instructors are listed below with a brief description of their lessons. Check back for updates on their classes!

Ben Hamilton

Saorsa Swords

"Striking the Arm"


The arm is possibly one of the most underrated targets in competitive HEMA training. Often overlooked due to the lack of points (and clout) awarded in classic tournaments, we sadly miss out on the satisfaction of landing that perfect arm strike. The arm is one of the safest targets and, at the same time, one that requires a lot of skill and timing to catch. During the class, we will cover techniques and strategies from various masters with the aim to give you a complete tactical framework in attacking the arm. You’ll never need to hit another target again.

Chloe Headdon

Academy of Historical Fencing

"Thrusting with the British Military Sabre"


The sabre is a cut and thrust weapon, however many fencers tend to avoid thrusting as the curve of the blade can take the point offline, making it much harder to land the hit successfully. In this workshop we’ll be looking at various thrusting techniques from Charles Roworth’s “Art of Defence on Foot”, using both the true edge and false (back) edge of the sabre, including sneaky ways of using the curve to your advantage! You will need a curved sabre or alternatively, the techniques will work just as well with a straight single-handed sword such as a basket hilt broadsword, spadroon, sidesword or arming sword. Please wear masks and gloves as a minimum, however jackets and chest protectors are also strongly recommended as we’ll be thrusting towards the torso at times.

Lauren Ireland

York School of Defence

"Come Rain or Shiner"

A look at turn of the century self defence with that most quintessentially british of all weapons… the umbrella. We’ll spend our time investigating how this fashionable, yet innocent looking implement can keep you safe from both inclement weather and dangerous hoodlums. Be prepared for some gentle grappling, fencing, surprise moves and possibly even a fashion show. Fencing masks and PPE are recommended, I will have some training weapons to lend on the day but feel free to bring your own beautiful brolly. There may or may not be treats for the most fancy….


Christopher Halpin

York School of Defence


"Cheats, Deceits and Falsifies"


In this class we'll be looking at some of the fun feints and sneaky tricks from Wylde with a little bit of Swetnam thrown in for good measure. They're suitable for any single handed sword capable of cutting, however they can be easily adapted to other weapons. You will need a single handed cutting sword and there will be a number of synthetic swords to borrow on the day. A mask and a pair of light gloves are recommended. A good sense of humour is mandatory.

"A Dummies Guide to Big Sticks"

In this class we'll be exploring some of the fun things you can do with the quarterstaff from Silver, Swetnam, Wylde, and a few other places depending upon where the session meanders, and it shall be proved to all present that the big stick is clearly as awesome as (if not more awesome than) the sword. You will need a lightweight staff of some kind (between six and eight feet will work perfectly, a number of six foot rattan ones will be available to borrow, along with some bigger ash staves). A pair of light gloves may be useful if you are concerned about splinters.

Kerri McArthur

Black Boar: Cambridge Chapter and London Historical Fencing Club

"Targeted Bloodlust"

Getting the most from sparring.

Learn to skill up outside of drilling and get the most out of sparring. There is a specific satisfaction in executing that cool move in freeplay, but actually adding it to your arsenal can be hard. Kerri will provide some techniques and tools to let you learn more from sparring and tournament fights in a precise and targeted way. Being able to give and understand feedback will develop you and your partners' skill - you'll be stylishly slaying your friends and foes in no time. This session is applicable to all skill levels and sword systems, but we'll be working from the sabre as a starting point.

Kindred Willow

Glasgow HEMA

"The Thrust in Seconde"


Point work is something often overlooked in broadsword and sabre, so here we will look at the applications of one particular action, the thrust in seconde. This thrust is personally one of my favourites and in my opinion one of the safer thrusts you can make. We will look at how and when to make this thrust, and importantly how to protect yourself if you plans don't work out.

Rob Newton

Order of the Blade

"Introduction to Hand Axe"

This class will be looking at the fundamentals of axe fighting as we teach it. Predominantly while dealing with an opponent armed with a sword. This will include techniques for haft preservation, cutting and striking and picking your shots. With some dirty tricks thrown in.
These techniques were developed over years through percussive experimentation, comparison with "living" axe-like arts and a lot of sparring. They have been fully pressure tested through percussive education. Looking at both historical realism and within the HEMA sporting environment.
Axes will be available on the day for those without, but if you have one bring
it, synthetics only! Sword can be either synthetics or steels as long as appropriate gear and pace is used. Minimal gear required but heavy clamshell gloves highly recommended for everyone!

For more information on the timings of the day, visit our Timetable page. For more information on the prizes up for grabs, visit our Sponsors page.

To buy your ticket, head to the bottom of our main Stramash page!

We want to say a big thank you to our Instructors and our Sponsors for their time, effort and support! We would also like to thank our many volunteers for the day. Without all of these people, this event would not be possible!

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